Own a Thoroughbred

Globally, owning and racing thoroughbred race horses is an exciting lifestyle sport and a great investment opportunity, with thrilling sporting events in racing centres across USA, Europe, Australasia.

Because it is a knowledge-driven sport, the process of choosing, purchasing and racing a thoroughbred in India or abroad can be complex, tedious and expensive if not done right. Mebajeona’s endeavour is to make owning and racing thoroughbred horses more accessible to people who have the inclination, passion and perseverance to be proud owners of thoroughbred racehorses – in India and abroad. Backed by our deep knowledge of thoroughbred pedigrees and expertise in form and racing you can make informed decisions to build your thoroughbred portfolio while also growing your own knowledge of the sport.

Ownership in India

Thoroughbred ownership and racing in India has tended to be an exclusive - often insular - sport, and only industry insiders had easy access to owning and racing the best horses. Newcomers often find it challenging to get a firm footing as reliable advice on form, pedigree and maintenance is hard to come by; and there is a lack of knowledge resources to learn from.

With the racing scene in India getting more exciting by the day, being a part of this sporting lifestyle has never looked more promising. 9 top-class racing centres (and more planned in states like Punjab), ever-increasing stake money, organized betting, exciting new bloodlines being bred and excellent facilities for training thoroughbreds – it’s all happening in India. Owning and racing thoroughbreds is indeed the perfect combination of serious sportsmanship, a dream lifestyle and smart investment.

Ready to own a Thoroughbred?

With Mebajeona by your side, owning a racehorse is not difficult and we can make the process very easy, transparent and enjoyable. Whatever basis of ownership you choose, Mebajeona offers end-to-end services covering all aspects of bloodstock and racehorse management.

  • Orienting the new Owner into the sport of thoroughbred horse racing, including understanding the rules, race-course intricacies and making the most of the racing and owntership experience
  • Selection of a suitable yearling
  • Suggesting and arranging a suitable trainer for the racehorse at the Owner’s preferred centre
  • Regular feedback and progress update of the horse-in-training, planning the horse’s racing calendar, managing race entries, facilitating conformance to Stud Authority requirements etc.

New Clients / Race Horse Owners nurtured

Through this medium and social media, apart from references, we have been part of the journey of many enthusiastic first time race horse owners either resulting in owning a race horse or in purchasing a race horse in partnership.

Our experience in racing and breeding over three continents helps us create a viable and an effective model at any scale for enthusiasts.

To know more or set-up a no-obligations discussion on possible ownership options, call
Surbirinder Singh Sidhu at +91 98788 67760 or write at: surbirinder@gmail.com

We’d be happy to talk and help you with information in the most unbiased manner.